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Leather scraps

This piece of leather in insignificant and profoundly important. To most, it's just a scrap of leather stamped far too many times,  with no rhyme or reason. Probably a kid just turned loose with some tools.

And that's true. That's exactly what it is.

But it's really so much more than that.

2 days ago I was actually thinking about this little scrap of leather. Why??

Because it was the first time I was given tools to do any type of hand work.

As a child I spent alot of time at the home of Duke Wagoner and Laurel ofDown Home Leather 4th generation leather workers in my hometown Mt Vernon, Ohio.I have storybook memories from my time with them.

One unforgettable day, at the age of 5, Duke set me up with tools at the anvil. I believe this was the beginning of my passion for the art of hand crafting. 

It's a miracle I still have it.

Their home and shop shaped my life. Moments of life. 💓

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