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Updated: Feb 8

A visit to my client (some become friends) for more upcoming work.

I remember driving past her house before I met her and seeing a rock that said "Wings"

That felt like a gentle push out of the nest... reminding me to reach deep inside and bring forth whatever shred of courage I had left and to take flight in my own life, again.

Anyone who's had to rebuild their entire lives from the ground up, after seemingly unspeakable losses, knows that it's downright scary at times. And you have 2 choices: give up or pull up whatever fragments of self will that remain, see the lessons, make the most of that knowledge and carry on. As best you can.

One day at a time.

Keep an open mind. Listen and learn.

It was no accident I met her and have had the pleasure of spending time with her in her gardens ♥

For me, this piece of garden art gave flight to a vision- for myself-I'd been holding in my soul for over 25 years.

Her father was a beekeeper (as was I) and she loves ferns as much as I do...

Is that possible 🤔??

I owe her many thanks for helping me

find my Wings.

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