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Hello and welcome to the conversation.

As many of you have been patiently awaiting classes at the Belle, I felt an update was needed...

I recently applied for a Grant and was not chosen for much-needed funds to purchase equipment to get the pottery studio and welding shop set up to better equipped for teaching.  

I'm stubborn AF and HATE asking for help. I'm too damn stubborn for my own good sometimes...I know 
Everything I own is paid for. I have bought all the equipment and paid for all the labor thus far with my own money. 

Any Donations will be used to make that happen, so we can start having classes!

Estimated needs to get basic equipment to get started:

Equipment needed:
large kiln with exhaust   $3000
4 pottery wheels  $2400
Slab roller $1000 

2 Welding booths  $1000
Exhaust hood  $1200

While this is not a complete list of needs, this will definitely get things going in the right direction.
Any and all donations are appreciated. 
If you are using Paypal...please use the 'friends and family' option if possible.


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 The mission of the 'Belle creative arts center' is to foster exploration and creativity in an inspiring, collaborative environment among working artisans and craftsmen, providing a nurturing place for adults and children to focus on their individual artistic expression.

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