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Happy New Year


It’s the NEW Year! I feel 2019 is gonna be great! Dedication to your goals (not spontaneous resolutions) is the key. I personally set my sights on some pretty huge goals-and get busy thinking about and visualize the biggest and best possible goals. And then I just do the footwork and follow the next indicated steps. I allow for changes in my original plan-within reason-and not lose sight of myself in the process. (I’m human!) You have everything you need inside of you...what you want IS possible. Everything, everything, everything takes dedicated effort to achieve. Marriage, relationships, dreams, goals, hobbies, sports-the list is endless. Being present to yourself helps you to be present for others. Self love is not selflessness. It’s love of self that WILL bring you through. Go on-do it! If I can-you can. My road HAS NOT been easy. I’ve been a punching bag for Life at times and dropped to my knees in humility. And yet... I feel blessed. So very very blessed. My life is my greatest masterpiece. Messy, organic, beautiful and questionable at times. It’s not to be judged. I’m not here to win your approval-I’m here to witness your compassion and acceptance for those cast away from society...for those who need to be loved back to whole again. Love to you all as we approach longer days and more change. Pay it forward. Love lifted me. It’s the best medicine. Love. Love. Love. ❤️💃🏼

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