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A place at the table

I used to cook, a lot. From our gardens. We used to have guests at our table every meal From all over the world: Africa, UK, Norway, Philippines, Australia, Taiwan, Mexico, Cambodia, Korea, Japan, China. India and probably more than I can remember. As well as travelers from the states: Texas, California, New Mexico, Florida, New York, Louisiana, Oregon, Montana, Nevada, Tennessee, West Virginia, Maine, New Jersey and on and on...some still stay in touch. So far we’ve hosted traveling backpackers here two times: 1 from California and 2 AT travelers from Pennsylvania. My goal is to be sharing meals with travelers again within the next 2 years, either hosting or being the guest. Opening my kids to that exchange of culture and global connection might seem a risky and scary thing to some but it helped us to find common ground with people from all around the world and envision future travels. I think about what I’ll do when my son moves out...the time is winding down and will be gone before I know it. Spin that dial...I’ll take a T. Time, truth, traveling, trying...

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