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Birches represent Renewal and purification. I only just recently discovered this and It made me start thinking back on how I’ve been drawn to them since I first visited Maine in 1998, with my daughter and soon to be husband. The New England woods were a sight for an Ohio girl transplanted to the West coast then years later to the East coast.

As a child In Ohio, the trees I grew up around were mostly Black Walnut, Catalpa, Maple, Mulberry, Oak, Hickory, Willow and Cherry. I’d say I was definitely a “tomboy” as I was quite the climber. I didn’t know what kind of trees they were at the time, I just played in the woods whenever I could.

At 18 I moved to Seattle, Washington. The trees there were primarily Pacific coast Madrona, Grand fir, Hemlock, Cottonwood, Lodge pole pine, Alder and Cedar.

In 2003, my husband (at the time) and I bought a nursery and garden center called The Village Green. It was a hugely overgrown garden with an extensive rare plant collection. There were giant historical Rose hedges, enormous rare Rhododendrons and mature Paper Birches to name a few.

I was awe-struck by the Birch trees lining the driveway at the Village Green. Everything about the place was calling my name. I felt immediately comforted and at home upon stepping into the gardens. I felt immediately at home in those gardens.

Madrona Arbor built by Vera at Village Green 2016

Throughout the yard were stands of graceful weeping birches.

I remember feeling deeply moved and lulled by the graceful swaying, They simply danced in the gardens. The birds gathered in their branches to sing and chatter away about the days journeys. Like gentle guardians, they swooned softly.

Years later, I’d find myself sitting at my writing table, watching the trees, scribbling stories and journal entries about my children, the teachers, musicians, travelers, Artists and my community. With the many incredible memories that were made there. I try to capture them in the stories that I hope to share someday.

Birch tree necklace sterling silver

I’ve felt a connection or familiarity to to the birches for a very long time and now I think I understand why. I’ve spent years learning about myself as a Woman, Daughter, Mother and friend to myself as well as others, while discovering what gives me the most joy and bliss. Now I practice ways to best express my experiences in the most positive way.

The Birches...they are, without a doubt, a beautiful representation of Renewal and Purification.

When I look back at my own life lessons and experiences... I’ve definitely gone through something quite like Rebirth and Renewal. May I never stop growing and shedding the old layers.

I hope you enjoy the jewelry pieces I’ve created that represent part of my journey towards myself as a Mother, Woman and Artist.

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