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Chasing a dream and catching it

In 1999 I took my first blacksmithing class with Scott Shattuck at South Seattle community College. I signed up for the welding class and wasn't exactly thrilled with it. My welding instructor sent me to the blacksmithing class. He knew I'd been doing pottery for 6 years and could tell I wanted to change the form of the material not just weld it together. After 1 class I was absolutely hooked. I knew someday...someday... I'd have my own shop.

Birch bases Dave French
Birch and forged steel Candelabras

I chased that dream.

I spent years working with/apprenticing for any blacksmiths I could, going to any swap meets, workshops and metal shops where I could glean knowledge, skills and creative energy. All while raising 2 kids, running an educational farm, designing and installing gardens and being married to an Alaskan Halibut fisherman.

I built my first blacksmithing shop in 2006 with my dad at my educational farm. I taught kids 9 and up for over 6 years. I hosted workshops, gatherings and any events to get people together. I'm still doing that. Because it matters.

I've busted my ass to get where I am. Several times, actually.

I don't take this lightly when I say: I won't cheapen my value or skills. I earn an honest living making things of exquisite beauty and design that will last for years in your home and gardens. My jewelry is timeless in design. Choose quality. Choose handmade. Choose local. You won't regret it.

Wall light 50"x28"
Moose in the pines mantel piece


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