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Face a living death

If I've had anything at all, I've had passion for adventure.  That's something to write about.

When I was 18 I moved across the country. I left everything familiar, all my friends and family and went on a search...for something I couldn't even name.

I had hoped to go to ART school,  that didn't happen. What did happen? So many opportunities that I could NEVER had dreamed of.

I was offered jobs that took me to new places, new towns, states and some very interesting encounters with people I'd never have met otherwise, many people who inspired me.

People who were living a life doing things they truly cared about, and demonstrated loving, compassionate ways of being. Many had been challenged by the very existence of their own life.  We're human. We live, love, learn and die human. Some struggles along the way grow you or bring you down. 

I've had some fantastic teachers and mentors along the way. Several put me to the test, literally took me to the mat...

I hope you find your teachers and mentors. I hope you make lemonade from lemons. I hope you find peace.

We're not all born knowing...some have to take the road less traveled to find our way.

Some have to face a living death to find a life others would die to have.

If you are living a life others wish to have to the point they resent yours and aren't happy for you or encouraging you to keep going, please try to remember...

They are suffering. They don't even know how much.


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