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Reset my heart/mind

I love to drive.

Over the years I believe I've counted 9

4/6 week roadtrips, several were x-country. With babies, 2 kids, dogs, friends. No DVDS, just audio books, real books . Johnny Cash albums 🤣.

I've been to every state except Michigan and Alaska.

How?? On the cheap/budget friendly.

Camping, couch surfing, visiting friends, van camping, occasional hotels, cabins. Whatever.

It's like a retreat. I hike, swim, meet new people, eat the local foods, take a zillion photos, visit National parks (car schooling) , visit hot springs, historic sites...ya know-fully embrace the experience.

I missed my 4 week roadtrip this year.

It's such an important part of my yearly re set/refresh.

So, I'll be making a point to take mini local trips to reset my mind/heart.

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