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Apart from its obvious association with compassion, love, and infatuation, the heart is used to symbolize much more.

This includes the flow of creative energy that animates us. The heart is the resting place for the creative spirit. The heart acts as the source from which creative, vibrant energy flows. The creative spirit and flow of energy that sustains the soul are really the same thing, expressed differently.This is the location of our true intention in life. If we follow the flow of energy that seeps from our hearts, we will access that intention. The heart symbolizes the dreams we wish to manifest.


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Quoted by a friend -"I love this piece by my talented friend Vera Johnson - if I could name it for her, I'd name it "The Bodhisattva's Heart" - a bodhisattva thinks only of benefitting others, regardless of personal cost. And also understands clearly the two 'wings' of the bird's flight to enlightenment - compassion + wisdom. "I love her interpretation of this piece. Certainly brings words to express it more clearly.

It's definitely a mended full of love, it's under pressure to release...❤

How does this piece speak to you?


This entire piece is constructed from barn finds, including tractor parts, valves, shelving pieces, and even some Maine statehouse copper. Assembled in my signature style of cold connection with good old-fashioned bolts.

Working with reclaimed materials has been a favorite medium for me long before it was popular. I've always seen "trash" as something with huge potential to transform. I have approximately 52 years in this piece, comprising of my life's experiences, love, and good old hard knock lessons as well as months of rummaging around in my barn.

Is anything ever truly finished?

Resting spirit. Bodhisattva's Heart

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