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These earrings are made from the reclaimed roof from the Maine statehouse capital building replacement in 2014.

These have some extra design elements. The subtle fold on the bottom is a technique called fold forming.

***Charles Lewton-Brain invented fold-forming, a completely new way of forming sheet metal quickly into wonderful 3-D shapes and textures, most from single sheets of metal without any soldering. Fold-forming uses sheet material, folds it, works it, and then unfolds it.

I use fold forming extensively in my work.


Each piece is cut by hand, sanded, and if I choose to get more creative with the design, a patina is applied.

Statehouse copper with sterling

Wear a piece of history!

These Historical Antique copper pieces are from the reclaimed copper roof of the Maine statehouse capital building. 1910-2014. The original patinas are the result of 110 years of being subjected to the elements of nature.

Each piece is cut, filed, and sanded smooth,

A clear protective coating has been applied to preserve the patina.

Do not spray with perfume or hair sprays to protect the color.


Each piece is unique and one of a kind. I strive to bring out the best features of each antique piece. These simple elegant earrings can be worn casual or dressy with any outfit. Slight variations will occur.

Ear wires are handmade, by me, of 925 sterling silver. Enjoy!

Copper Drop earrings

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