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 Ferns are a symbol of new beginnings and new life. The honey-bee represents teamwork and reminds you that you can accomplish much with the resources you have at your disposal. 
This piece brings a message of new beginnings and teamwork.


Thinking of something special for the garden or a wall in your home? Lets work together to design a custom one of a kind piece.

This image is an example of the custom metal work I've created for clients. The pieces are hand cut with a plasma cutter and welded to a custom built frame. I work in a more rustic aesthetic, I prefer natural, organic designs.

Prices and finishes vary.
 Each piece is made to order based on requested design and priced accordingly.

Allow 6-10 weeks to complete.  Pre-order by September 1st for holiday gifts.

I've always loved the perfection of new fern fronds as they unfurl.

I was a beekeeper for 10 years, so this commission was a tremendous joy to create.

Custom Garden art

Excluding Sales Tax
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