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Maine is a place of great beauty.

Time is withering away old barns of the past. Innovation and industry were once booming here.

Long-time farms are being lost to "progress"

I walk the tightrope of welcoming it and wishing it weren't happening.

This piece is entirely hand tooled in copper. I never use forms, and this wasn't made on a press.

I drew the design, used wooden tools to make every single mark, and raised the relief, laying in rivers, mountains, and coastal borders.

I've been working with metals for 25 years. I use primitive techniques. I wish to maintain techniques using hand tools and patience in developed skills.

The copper is mounted on found materials reclaimed from barns that are now a thing of the past. Someone's home, family farm. Their history.

We can not continue to erase the past and not suffer for it as a society.

Maine in copper- relief

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