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Time is what we make it

History and the moment I’m in....As I travel-I go back in time in my mind and stay present to what is. Love and cherish these days with my most influential family and friends. I had to travel far away to return with most gracious appreciation and deeply bountiful blessings of gratitude for everything I’ve experienced to understand what some people seemingly understood from the beginning. I guess my learning curve is steeper than most. The road out was seemingly narrower-the road back is wide open. 🙏🏼 I left home at 18-moved to Seattle to attend the Seattle art institute. Shocking reality of cost was prohibitive to attendance. I became a manager of a store. I quickly increased the revenue of the store and became a huge asset to the company and they moved me around the west coast to “clean up” faltering stores. Each store I transformed, increasing revenue by 100% in 6 months and was sent to the next store for 5 years. Believe me-I made the MOST out of each experience. I have stories that cannot be made up. The real life day and night a full adventurous life cannot be purchased. A degree is earned by overcoming life’s biggest challenges and seeking first hand knowledge by studying oneself intimately and the work of ones favorite artists, business minded creatives and humans-be they corrupted or values based. I set out to “find myself” And I have. I know with deep convictions that no one has the power to change my mind or direction if I’ve set my mind to something unless I am open to the influence... My father has been my greatest teacher. I’ve watched him rise and fall...many times. He has done it gracefully and will always be there to offer a hand. I’ve also watched him set some very healthy boundaries and give with no strings. May I continue to gain and grow from the best of his examples. 81 looks really good on him. 🙏🏼❤️ 

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