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And I wept

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

As I watched the ghostly remains of leaves on the Beech trees hanging on to the last moment of existence.

Soon they will be pushed off the branches to make room for new leaves when the spring buds appear.

As the wind picks up they begin whispering the song of what has been. A low hushed melody of nearly inaudible sound. I am here. Please listen to our collective wisdom of what we know to be true.

Generations of change and growth will continue. It is your birthright to carry on the treasure you were born with.

It just is

Spring will always come

The earth will continue to compost yesterday's life to make room for tomorrow's gift.

You need not worry my child,

for you are always becoming

And I am always here

When you cannot see me, you will learn to feel me.

You will learn to know that perfection exists inside of all life.

The peace will come from the divine presence that blooms eternal love for all God's creatures.

I will never leave you. I have always been there for you. I am here now.

Your body is a vessel of divinity.

Your soul is connected to mine. We are one.

You are not alone.

You have roots that stretch for millions of miles as mycorhizza

Allow me.

I am.

I am

I am

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