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Family visits

It absolutely makes my day/month/year when family comes to visit me.

Yesterday my niece, Lindsey Grimm, her husband Bobby and their two kids Candace and Blake came to visit me. We had such a great time. Candace had a dream of visiting Maine. Unfortunately they didn't see any moose or even any Eagles, but they saw whales, deer, seals lol.

We did the obvious...tomahawks 🤣

Blake hit it no problem of course 🪓😍and so did his mom!

My nephew Blake painted me a picture. This is so meaningful to me, as this is one of my anvils that was gifted to me by a very talented watercolor artist.

Blake is an incredibly creative young man. He had a blast digging through my metal scraps imagining what pieces could "become"

❤️Enjoying the moments with family.

Betsy Elwood remember this tiny person we swam, played and horsed around with?

Piling all the neices and nephews, babies, dogs into the VW and heading to the river? ❤️

"I'm NOT moving back to Ohio, I'm NOT moving back to Ohio" as I click my heels 3 times...

This message I'm telling myself, as I watch my dearest brother moving back to be closer to our aging father and the entire family that I do miss.

I left home at 18, headed to the west coast to find adventure, a sense of autonomy and about a million life lessons. 🪓🐝🌻🌺🍄

✔️ all the boxes.


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